The Situation

McLaren Investments is a property investor that operates inside of Orange County, California. They set out with the goal to increase their number of house listings, so they reached out to PostcardMania’s marketing services to help them find people looking to part ways with their properties more easily than with the traditional market.

The Solution

A postcard marketing campaign that targets residents of Orange County with vacant or inherited homes.

The successful design includes:

  • A bold headline and professional formatting, making the card’s message readable and easy to decipher.
  • Marketing copy that details how the home buying process works and two bulleted lists of benefits, informing the recipient and giving them incentive to sell their home.
  • Clear and easily locatable contact information, giving the recipient a way to respond.

The Results

56 inquiries!

They’ve received over 56 inquiries! No properties have been purchased yet as they’re still reviewing the homes, but they’re super happy with the response!

Are you interested in doing a similar bulk mail campaign for your business? Call us, and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating campaigns for other property investors!

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