The Situation

Proverbs Home Buyers, a real estate investment company based in Gettysburg, PA, aimed to attract homeowners looking to sell their properties quickly and efficiently. To achieve this, they partnered with PostcardMania for a targeted direct mail marketing campaign.

The Solution

PostcardMania designed a 6 x 8.5 postcard that included several attention-grabbing and persuasive features:

  • A strong “NOTICE!” call out
  • A compelling question header: “Are you looking to sell your house the quick and easy way?”
  • Engaging copy: “We pay more than any other company”
  • A QR code for easy access to their website
  • An offer of a no-obligation cash offer
  • Clear contact information
  • A friendly photo of Brandon and his family to build trust

Proverbs Home Buyers executed a multi-phase mailing strategy:

  • One mailing of 10,000 postcards
  • Followed by ten mailings of 3,000 postcards
  • Concluding with one mailing of 4,500 postcards, totaling 40,000 postcards.

The Results

They generated $120,000!

The campaign was highly successful, resulting in 60 responses and 6 conversions, generating $120,000. With an investment of $13,128, their return on investment (ROI) was an impressive 814%.

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