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The postcard featured a large image of the Mona Lisa’s head on a businessperson’s body, which reinforced the purpose of the conference, to equip artists to succeed in the business world. They gave the date of the conference and the website where prospective attendees could register. That’s all they needed to communicate to their targeted recipients to get the results they wanted.

The Situation

We were using the postcards to register more attendees for our Southern Entrepreneurship in the Arts Conference.

UNC Greensboro had a big performing arts conference coming up, and wanted to market it to get a great turnout. They heard about the legend of postcard marketing and thought they would give it a shot.

The Solution

Postcard Design: Printed 5,000 postcards with a partial design by PostcardMania promoting an annual conference at the University of North Carolina Greensboro for students and artists. The design itself can play a huge part in generating responses, so let’s take a look at the successful design elements of this campaign: – A Bold Headline – Clear Contact Information – Image That Supports the Message Mailing List: For this campaign, they sent postcards to up and coming artists as well to students. Mailing Schedule: One time mailing.

The Results

PostcardMania and Joy Gendusa helped make our promotion for this event possible. They are just great! - Dianne Welsh, University of North Carolina Greensboro

The event brought in 352 attendees (140 students, 212 general) with average admission paid of $45. Campaign Cost for 5,000 postcards: Including shipping, $428 Estimated ROI: $12,150 “Out of email marketing, postcards, brochures and campus posters, postcards brought in the most leads for this event.” – Dianne Welsh, University of North Carolina Greensboro

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