This postcard only used a few design elements. It used an image of a mother and her infant child. It had some musical graphics in the background. Then, it used a quick, yet thought provoking, headline that read, “Kindermusic: A good beginning never ends.” This was an intriguing design, because parents want to give their kids the best chance of reaching their potential. This card implied this company could give their kids the best start to reaching that potential. The card did enough design-wise to catch the prospects’ attention and got them interested in what Kindermusic is and how it could help their kids.

The Situation

Playtime Music Studios is a Central Florida business dedicated to helping children prepare for learning through the Kindermusik program. They offer semester-long classes to develop kids’ cognitive abilities.

The Solution

Postcard Design: Designed to appeal to their market of parents with young children, their postcard contains:

  • A Stunning Image to Engage the Reader
  • An Enticing Offer
  • Clear Contact Information

Mailing List: Individuals with children 5 and under who make more than $60,000 a year in zip codes around their location.

Mailing Schedule: 6,000 cards in a one-time blast

The Results

The latest online marketing technology is great, but there will always be a place for the dependable results of direct mail postcards.

“I was thrilled. The service is great. I’ll never use anyone else. Some people I know don’t think mail is the way to go, but to me the proof is in the pudding. We got hardly anything when we promoted online and as soon as we sent the postcard out, 50 people called us immediately.” – Kerri Sox, Playtime Music Studios

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