The brochure had a lot of information to get out to prospective students, but it had to keep them engaged as well. They chose their school colors to reinforce their brand to the recipients. The colors are a deep red and blue, so they were already effectively engaging colors. The copy on the brochure gave prospective students the schedule of the certificate program and introduced them to the faculty who would be instructing them. This was crucial information to generate their interest and help them make a decision about the program.

The Situation

The University of Houston-Downtown had developed a new right of way certificate program for their Business College in partnership with a local business. Now they just needed the students for it. They wanted to hear what direct mail marketing could do to bring in new enrollments, so they contacted our marketing experts.

The Solution

Once they heard what postcard marketing had done for our other university clients, they were convinced. They decided on a campaign that used a mailing list of their own internal leads. They sent out 2,507 mail pieces just once. They chose to use a trifold brochure instead of a postcard, because of the amount of information they needed to communicate. In the brochure, they communicated as much about the program as they could. They introduced the faculty, explained the process of the certification and even laid out the program’s class schedule. This way their prospective students had everything they needed to know and would feel comfortable calling in with any questions they had.

The Results

We generated 25 calls and $15,000 in revenue from our postcard mailings.

The response was great! They received 25 calls from the brochure, which generated $15,000 in revenue. That’s a great return on their investment. The university was thrilled. Read what they had to say about their brochure’s response: “It is not our core business, (but) we are very excited about this! I imagine this will end up being .03% of our $60M business, but every little bit helps!”

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