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Sylvan Learning Center

"New students create long-term revenue for tutoring centers, so they produce big profits from the marketing investment required to get them."


Sylvan Learning Center




3 Florida Locations

Cards Mailed


The Situation

A certain popular tutoring company was looking for a way to promote their services, so they called us to see what we could do for them.

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The Solution

After working with their marketing consultant, the client decided to go with a targeted postcard campaign. They purchased a mailing list that targeted the women in households with $100,000+ incomes and children between the ages of 5 and 17. Then they mailed out 6,000 cards one time to their list, and distributed another 6,000 to local elementary schools.

The Results

80 new leads came in for testing as a result of this campaign, and the client estimates that half of those became new students. Based on the lifetime value of their average customer – $1,800 – this campaign will bring in approximately $72,000!

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