The Situation

Azalea Park Learning Center is a daycare located in Orlando, FL. They were looking for a creative way to attract new students so they reached out to contacted PostcardMania for potential avenues.

The Solution

Working hand-in-hand with experienced marketing consultants, they decided that an Everywhere Small Business Platinum campaign would be their best bet. This product takes the design of a hyper-targeted direct mail postcard campaign and creates matching digital ads, shown to the target audience on Google, Gmail, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

Azalea Park Learning Center’s postcard design included:

  • An offer for free registration and first week of classes
  • A bulleted list of their service’s benefits
  • A glowing 5 star review from a previous parent

Because Azalea Park Learning Center is a daycare that accepts students up to the age of 10, they needed to target only homes with children. So, they used a mailing list of nearby families with children aged 0-12.

Another huge contributing factor was the timing of their campaign and the consistency of their mailings. They mailed 5,000 cards a month to the same houses for 3 months starting in November and continuing into January, the window of time directly before their enrollment period. This ensured that every recipient was familiar with their business leading into the new school year.

The Results

10-15 new enrollments!

They’ve brought in around 10-15 new enrollments!

Azalea Park Learning Center was able to get about 10-15 new enrollments! They believe the online ads worked the best for them, as many people mentioned that’s how they found them!

Tuition at this daycare runs anywhere from $80-$110 a week, meaning that their potential weekly income could increase as much as $1650!!

Interested in doing a similar campaign for your business? Call us and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating campaigns for other day cares!

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