The Situation

Advanced College Funding Solution was on a mission to help families and students in their area prepare financially for college. Throughout the school year they put on various workshops to educate local communities. They wanted to get the word out as efficiently as possible, so they called PostcardMania.

The Solution

With our marketing expert’s help, Advanced College Funding Solutions put together an eye-catching direct mail campaign. Their goal was to bring in more clients at their upcoming workshops.

Here’s why their letters were an immediate hit:

  • Bright Yellow Paper that stands out in your pile of mail
  • A huge, bold headline that tells the recipient what this letter is all about
  • An easy to read bullet-pointed list of what will be discussed at the upcoming workshop

One key factor for this financial adviser’s direct mail marketing campaign was their mailing list. This consisted of nearly 2,000 people in surrounding communities that had children of ages 14-17. In addition, each household had an income of over 100k a year. By identifying their target market and mailing directly to them, Advanced Financial Funding Solution created a HUGE success!

The Results

11 new clients after our 1st mailing!

After mailing this letter one time they have already received 14 leads and have turned 11 of those into clients!! Each is worth nearly $900, that’s thousands of dollars already and they have just begun!

Interested in doing a similar campaign for your business? Call us and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating campaigns for other financial advisers!

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