The Situation

Village Green Day School is no stranger to using school postcards to boost their enrollment (and revenue). That’s why they contacted us to launch their tried-and-true, annual school marketing plan.

The Solution

$25,000 in revenue — a 1,014% return on investment!

We designed their postcard to appeal to parents and entice them to come in and fill out an application. Here’s why their postcard design worked:

  • The photo collage immediately conveys happy children loving their school.
  • The special offer saves parents $100 (aka, their application fee is 100% waived!).
  • The headline communicates what all parents want: to give their children a head start in a safe, nurturing environment.

They mailed their school postcards to a list of 3,000 families with children ages 1-10 years old, and household incomes of $150,000+. ONLY families with age-appropriate children received their postcards, and here’s what happened after they mailed.

Mailing List: List of 3,000 families who have household incomes of $150,000+ as well as children ages 1-10 years old.

The Results

We usually recommend mailing multiple times for best results, but Village Green Day School’s mailing list + postcard design combination produced stellar results from just ONE mailing! Just 3,000 postcards mailed generated 4 families enrolled, and $25,000 in revenue. Compared to their campaign costs, that’s a 1,014% return on investment for their school!

In fact, this mailing strategy works so well for Village Green Day School, they’ve used it 3 years in a row — in the spring — to create new school registrations.

Interested in doing a similar campaign for your school? Call us, and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating campaigns for other schools!

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