The school’s postcard design used red, white and blue as its colors. It had an image of smiling children on the front with the headline, “It’s time to start thinking… about summer camp!” They used marketing copy on the front that stated, “We think, therefore we are St. Francis.” This showed why they are different than other summer camps, because they focus on mental stimulation in a fun environment. Then, on the back they listed all the summer programs prospective students could participate in. The design got recipients’ attention and gave them everything they needed to make a decision.

The Situation

St. Francis School wanted to increase their registrations for their upcoming summer camps. They heard that postcard marketing could get them the results they wanted, so they consulted with our marketing experts to find a strategy that would achieve their goals.

The Solution

The key to postcard marketing is showing how you are different from your competition, and sending your postcards to those most likely to want what you offer. Our marketing staff put together a mailing list of 20k households that had children between the ages of 1 and 17, and an income over $75,000. St. Francis mailed their postcards to this mailing list only once.

The Results

35 responses in the first two days!

Even only using one mailing, St. Francis School was able to achieve great results from their marketing. They had over 35 new inquiries in the first 2 days! Their summer camp is $250 per week. They are already looking at a great return on investment, and at the time of this writing their registrations haven’t even closed yet. These methods worked for them and could work for you!

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