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The Situation

The faculty at St. Isidore Catholic School were planning their annual open house event and came to PostcardMania to mail postcards about their school and attract attendees.

The Solution

St. Isidore knows school marketing is vital in order to generate new student sign-ups. That’s why every year since 2015, they make sure to mail out 6,000 postcards advertising their school a few weeks before the event to increase attendance.

Here’s why their recent school advertising campaign worked:

  • The photo collage of happy children immediately catches parents’ eyes.
  • The headline inspires parents to read the postcard — who doesn’t want their child to grow?
  • Parents instantly notice there’s an open house, and they can see how to RSVP to attend.

We mailed their school postcards to a list of adults (ages 24-45) located in specific zip codes near St. Isidore, with household incomes of $125,000+.

The Results

50 guests RSVPed to their open house!

Mailing List: Mailed to a list of adults ages 24-45 in specific zip codes near the school with household incomes of $125,000+

They mailed 6,000 school postcards 3 weeks before their open house date, and 50 guests RSVPed to come! The projected income from this one mailing is estimated at $21,000 — a return on investment of 833%.

Postcards hold a key spot in St. Isidore’s overall school marketing plan. In fact, in addition to mailing out 6,000 postcards every year to promote their open houses, they also mail postcards monthly — automatically — promoting their school to new movers in their area. Our New In Town Program is one of the easiest school advertisement ideas to execute, which is why St. Isidore has been using it since 2016!

Interested in doing a similar campaign for your educational organization? Call us and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating campaigns for other private schools!

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