The postcard prominently featured the Mini Cooper students would drive during the course. Having a cool, trendy car was a key selling point, which worked to their advantage against their market competitors. The headline and message was straightforward, announcing the driving school, “Now in Shaker Heights Behind the Wheel School of Driving!” On the back, they promoted an offer of “$10 OFF,” which gave readers an incentive to call. The overall marketing theme communicated the idea that “Ļearning to drive can be fun.” — That message appealed to both the students and their parents.

The Situation

Behind the Wheel School of Driving wanted to generate more revenue for their business by increasing the number of students enrolled in their driving course. They decided to consult with our marketing experts to see how postcards could help them achieve their business goals.

The Solution

Postcard Design: We printed 12,000 postcards with several different backs promoting a new drivers course within a specific location using a fun, colorful approach.

Mailing Schedule: The campaign consisted of 12,000 postcards with 6 quick print backs – 5 mailings to a list that ranged from 1000-1700 contacts based on the updated list data from children’s birthdays over the course of 4 months.

Mailing List: For this campaign, Behind the Wheel School of Driving ordered a list that included three zip codes closest to the driving school reaching children with birthdays turning 15 or 16. Their campaign targeted children of driving age, since they need to take the driving class to get certification.

The Results

More enrollments means more revenue and postcard marketing can deliver both quickly and consistently

Every student that signs up for the class generates $300 in sales for BTW School of Driving.

Campaign Cost, Including postage: $3221.32
Sales from Leads Generated: Approximately $30,000
ROI (Return on Investment): 831%

“The first day my postcard hits, I receive 25 or more calls of which at least half enroll in the driving course! Each month the numbers trend better. Postcard marketing is the ONLY form of advertising we are doing, and we’re out-performing our competition just from this campaign alone!”

-Tom, Owner of BTW School of Driving

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