The Situation

Being in a big city like Pittsburgh, PA means theres gonna be lots of fierce competition for a dental practice. This is the exact issue North Side Dental wanted to rise above! They wanted patients calling in every day to set up an appointment! Nothing a good postcard campaign cant handle

The Solution

North Side Dental purchased a list of 12,000 records, comprised of those who live closest to their location. (In a big city, convenience to the consumer really pays off!) They mailed 12,000 postcards to this list every other month. But its not ALL about the mailing, design also plays a big part. Here are the keys:

  • A crystal-clear headline (People receiving the card know EXACTLY what theyre offering)
  • Eye catching information, right away (Types of insurance they take, services they provide, etc.)
  • An amazing offer ($25 off first visit!)

The Results

Their dental marketing plan worked! At least a quarter of the patients calling in mentioned that they had received the postcard! Within the first 10-15 patients, their return on investment (ROI) has already been more than enough to justify their campaign!

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