The Situation

Northern Peaks Dental is a dental office located in Sandpoint, UT that offers high-end dental services to the local community. They needed a way to bring in new patients, so they contacted PostcardMania for marketing help!

The Solution

PostcardMania designed a 6.25 x 8.5 inch postcard that included the following features:

  • Three offers for a discounted new patient exam, a $49 x-ray, and a free consultation for implants
  • Two positive five-star reviews from satisfied patients
  • A reminder for prospects to use their dental insurance benefits before the end of the year
  • A map on the back of the card, making it easy for recipients to find their office
  • A list of available dental services

Northern Peaks Dental launched an a direct mail campaign that included 30,000 postcards. They mailed out about 5,000 cards every month using an Every Door Direct Mail mailing list that send the postcards to every residence near their dental practice.

The Results

They're averaging 40 new patients a month worth $160,000 in revenue!

Northern Peaks Dental has been gaining 40 new patients a month since they started a direct mail marketing campaign with PostcardMania. Since each new patient brings in an average of $4,000, their 40 new patients have generated $160,000 so far. Their marketing campaign is ongoing, so they expect to make even more revenue in the future as the mailing continue.


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