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Dr. Khanna’s postcard design went with an elegant color scheme of black and gold. It featured a picture of a model with a big, bright smile to reinforce the marketing message. It also offered prospects a great incentive, a FREE whitening. That got a lot of prospects to pick up the phone.

The Situation

I was looking to increase patients and was disappointed with my first mailing.

When Dr. Khanna first came to PostcardMania, we went to work creating a postcard that would resonate with his target audience and draw a response. Well, the results from that first mailing were not what he was looking for, and he said he wasn’t totally in love with the design. So, we worked with him to tweak the card. We know one of the keys to success is that you have to absolutely love your design!

The Solution

We tweaked the design and figured out what works better for this region and the results have gone up.

Dr. Khanna’s current design features a prominent offer – FREE teeth whitening – and a large eye-catching graphic that supports the offer. This image is where we did most of the tweaking. We had to find just the right smile that would resonate with his prospects. We also changed the original wording “FREEEEEEEEE” to “FREE,” because we realized the extra letters cheapened his message.

The Results

I received a postcard in the mail from PostcardMania and decided to try them. They are highly organized. When they say they are going to do something, it gets done. And I really like how the designers listen to my suggestions and give me the look I requested. Postcard marketing is the only marketing we do, other patients come from referrals and word of mouth - it more than pays for itself within the first month and our overall productivity has gone up 50% in 2010 over 2009. - Dr. Khanna, DMD, LLC

“In January, we had 81 new patients and in February 75. Prior to using the postcard, we were getting maybe 40. So we have basically doubled new patients since we started using this program.” That’s what happens when the right postcard meets the right marketer. Dr. Khanna was persistently sending out his cards – he started with 6,000 cards a month and now sends 12,000 a month. As a result, prospects became aware of his practice, he established trust in the community and his new patient numbers doubled!

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