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The Situation

Located in Smithfield, Virginia, Isle of Wight Family and Cosmetic Dentistry has been using PostcardMania to market their dental services for years. When Dr. Jennifer Howard first came to us in 2007, she had 0 patients and wanted to grow her businessfast! Now Dr. Howard has over 6,000 patients thanks to a consistent postcard marketing campaign.

The Solution

Over the years, Isle of Wight has used PostcardMania to plan, design and mail a total of 41,000 postcards. She has continuously chosen a mailing list that includes people ages 26+ with an income of $30,000 or higher. By sending out repeated mailings to the same group of people, not only has Dr. Howard provided her prospects with the chance to remember her business, shes built up TRUST as a legitimate dental practice.

Dr. Howard has tried several different designs for her practice, including an autumn-themed piece that featured a magnet on the back for increased repeat exposure. Adding a magnet to the back of your postcard increases response by 72% according to the Direct Marketing Association!

Isle of Wrights dental marketing campaign gets the job done in a number of ways that have ensured their success:

Mailing consistently to the same list for repetition

Keeping their postcard design simple and straightforward so people immediately know what theyre marketing

Listing their benefits on the front of the card this makes it easy for prospects know why they should choose Dr. Howard over the competition

The Results

Dr. Howard has gained 6,000+ clients and she attributes more than 25% of them to direct mail.

Since Isle of Wight opened in 2007, Dr. Howard has gained 6,000+ clients and she attributes more than 25% of those people to direct mail. In case you dont feel like doing the math, thats 1,500 patients. Broken down even more, that equates to roughly 187 new patients per year and about 16 per month. If each of those new patients has a lifetime value of $3,000 each (the industry standard for most dental practices), that means this campaign generated about $48,000 in new revenue PER MONTH for Isle of Wight. And thats over $4 MILLION in revenue since 2007. Pretty impressive when you put it like that, dont you think?

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