This postcard was strategically designed to keep the postcard in front of prospective patients, so they would see it more often and be more likely to make an appointment. They used the front of the postcard as a calendar for local public school holidays, as well as the local collegiate and professional football schedules. This was a handy tool for the recipients of their card, so they would stick it on the fridge and refer to it often. That gave The Brace Place more and more opportunities to turn them into their patient. On the back, they listed out all their marketing benefits and offered a special $300 back-to-school discount on braces or Invisalign.

The Situation

The Brace Place knows that the most likely candidates for braces are adolescent kids. Middle school and high school is generally the time when kids get braces, so they wanted to use that knowledge to offer prospective patients a special back-to-school discount with their orthodontist practice. Now they just needed to know how to promote it! They consulted with our marketing experts to find out if dental direct mail postcards could be a solution for their practices marketing dilemma.

The Solution

They used a targeted mailing list, which included 6,000 homes with children present between the ages of 7 and 17 and an income of over $40,000. The prospective patients on their mailing list also lived within a certain radius of their office. They sent these postcards out in the fall since it was a back-to-school campaign.

The Results

We generated 2 new patients and $8,000-$9,000 in revenue from our postcard marketing!

The special offer worked very well for this orthodontists practice. Seven people brought in the postcards to redeem the back-to-school offer. Two of them qualified for braces and became new patients. These patients EACH generated about $4,000-$4,500 for the practice!

CSID: 3698