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The Situation

Homestead Family Dentistry has a lot to offer when it comes to dental care, and they were ready to take their business to the next level to prove it! Thats when they contacted us to design a postcard campaign that would not only bring in new patients, but keep them coming back for more!

The Solution

Homestead Family Dental purchased a list of 12,000 records, comprised of anyone that made $40k or more and who was between the ages of 25-65.

The postcard design doesnt get in its own way. It is clear and attention-grabbing. It immediately says who they are and what they do, and has amazing offers for those within their targeted range. Here are the keys:

  • A crystal-clear headline
  • An eye-grabbing image
  • An amazing offer (Free Whitening For Life)

This design was sent to 3,000 prospects 10 times on a weekly schedule.

The Results

Their campaign brought in 131 calls and counting!

Their campaign brought in 131 calls (in the dental world, thats lingo for appointments) and counting! Now, theyre super happy with where theyre at and excited to do it all again!

CSID: 3702