The Situation

Kingsburg Family Dental is a dental practice located in the expansive Central Valley area of California. The dentists at Kingsburg opened their doors back in 2001, and they pride themselves on their family-friendly environment. They contacted PostcardMania for help in attracting new patients who were also new to the area.

The Solution

Our marketing team designed a postcard targeting families who recently moved close to their practice. Reaching out to new movers with a postcard welcoming them to the neighborhood has an immediate effect — they notice and LIKE your business before they even know about your competitors. That means they’ll be more likely to choose you when they’re ready to buy! We have a turnkey program that makes targeting new movers easy and AUTOMATIC — it’s called our New In Town program. Check it out — it’s great for dentists!

Here’s what makes Kingsburg’s postcard stand out:

  • The two happy little girls clearly show this is a family practice kids love!
  • The white dashed lines indicate the special offers save recipients money, just like a coupon!
  • Real photos of the dentists build an instant sense of trust with the doctors and practice.
  • Recipients read their name printed right on the postcard!

Here’s how we do that: We use a special printing process called variable data printing that customizes each postcard to the recipient’s data — in this case, their first name. Recipients instantly spot their name, so it’s an effective way to get their attention and make them like you.

This postcard was mailed to a list of 6,000 two times — a total of 12,000 postcards mailed! Their marketing consultant worked closely with them to target the right demographic for their campaign — single family homes with a certain income — while avoiding paying for postage to PO boxes and commercial addresses.

The Results

113 new patient calls!

Kingsburg Family Dental received 113 new prospective patients calling in from their postcard mailing!

Interested in doing a similar campaign for your business? Call us and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating successful campaigns for other dentists!

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