The Situation

Tom Pezdek of Pezdek Dental Care wanted to achieve what most business owners do he wanted to bring in more business. He also wanted a marketing campaign that would work effortlessly, while reaching a broad range of people. He consulted our marketing experts to learn more about how a targeted postcard marketing campaign could bring more new patients than ever flocking to his dental practice.

The Solution

When Dr. Pezdek heard the results weve achieved for our other dental clients, he decided to give DirectMail2.0: New Patient Edition a try! This fully integrated service includes four features in one convenient package that maximizes marketing impact specifically for medical professionals. DirectMail2.0 consists of four tactics in one:

A direct mail campaign to generate the most amount of leads

Mail tracking so that you can correctly anticipate when your mailer will hit mailboxes

Call tracking to record and save all calls and conversations that come in as a direct results of your direct mail campaign

And the real kicker geo-targeted Google ads that are shown simultaneously to the same audience receiving your direct mail campaign (theyll see targeted ads from you all over the web for full market saturation!)

For the mailing, Pezdek Dental purchased a mailing list of 6,000 records. They selected a single carrier route based on that routes median income of $75k. They mailed to this list once a month for 7 months. And with DirectMail2.0 analytics, they were able to tell who was calling in based on receiving a postcard, and how many people were following the online ads back to the website. Measuring success has never been easier!

The Results

...176 calls, 50 new patients and $35,400 in immediate revenue

Their campaign worked, and more than paid for itself! Pezdek Dental has received 176 calls and 50 new patients! With the services these new patients have received, Dr. Pezdek has already earned an immediate $35,400 in revenue. Plus, as those patients come back year after year for additional services and refer their friends and family, that number is sure to grow in the coming months and years.

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