The postcard was designed with a large image in the center to grab recipients attention. The image was a model showing off a gorgeous smile to help prospective patients visualize what their improved smile could look like. The headline read, Easy on your schedule, Easy on your budget, Easy on YOU! This headline efficiently laid out the marketing benefits of the practice: flexible scheduling and inexpensive treatments. They also featured three special offers on the right side of the card to really motivate prospective patients to make an appointment.

The Situation

A new dental practice in Lees Summit, Missouri was looking to offer something new to the good people of Lees Summit when it comes to taking care of their oral health. Since theyre just starting out, they obviously want to bring in lots of new patients to their practice. Heck, even practices that have been around for 20 years want to do that. They consulted with our marketing consultants to discuss what postcard marketing could offer a budding dental practice like theirs.

The Solution

Since they were just getting started, we agreed on a plan that would open up the most opportunities to generate new leads and patients. That meant mailing a lot of cards. They mailed 25,000 postcards to local residents surrounding their practice. They did this three different times, because, especially for new practices, repeat mailings are crucial for building brand recognition and credibility in the community.

The Results

We generated 128 new patients and $45,000 in revenue from our postcard mailings!

For a new practice, every new patient is a victory. Well…their postcard campaigns brought in 128 new patients, so theyre pretty stocked up in the victory department now. These 128 patients generated $45,000 in revenue for the practice, and they have officially been moved out of the budding practice stage. Theyre in bloom, and its all thanks to postcard marketing.

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