The Situation

Dr. Michael Pierquet was looking for a way to attract new dental implant patients to his Germantown, WI practice The Mini Implant Center, so he called PostcardMania.

The Solution

With the help of our marketing consultants, Dr. Pierquet created a postcard campaign that would generate lots of interest in his mini implants.

Heres why the postcard was successful:

  • The bold black and red color scheme really stands out in the recipients stack of mail
  • The bold headline and image of a woman with a beautiful smile immediately tells prospective patients what is being offered
  • The card is chock full of BENEFITS, which tell prospects what they will get out of visiting Dr. Pierquet

The doctor sent his postcard to 6,000 single-family dwelling units surrounding his practice once, then started to hit them with repeat mailings, 500 at a time.

To increase his exposure, Dr. Pierquet also used DirectMail2.0 New Patient Edition, which means prospective patients in the same area where his postcards were delivered also saw his banner ad across thousands of websites during the course of the campaign!

The Results

Dr. Pierquets online ads have been shown 315,727 times already, and have generated 2,036 clicks back to his website from interested prospective patients!

CSID: 3673