The Situation

The dental office of Kenneth Woo, DDS and Associates was interested in gaining more patients and promoting their dental implant service. They have two different locations for their offices, so they needed an effective way to market for both at the same time. They came to PostcardMania to seek advice on what they should do.

The Solution

We recommended a postcard campaign to Dr. Kenneth Woo since it would be possible to target the areas around both dental offices with minimal extra effort. With two locations, it was necessary to track the results of the postcard campaign to discover which area produced the best results. To do this, Dr. Kenneth Woo signed up for DirectMail2.0, which will give him detailed feedback on his dental clinic marketing campaign.

Their postcard design had many strong points:

  • The front showcases the dental staff, which increases the trust prospective patients feel by being able to see who they would be working with.
  • Discounts and offers in abundance! They provide SIX offers to entice patients to come in (notice the emphasis they put on FREE).
  • A call to action that leads into bullet points highlighting the BENEFITS of their dental practice.
  • Maps and images of both offices to help new patients locate them.

Kenneth Woo, DDS and Associates decided to purchase a 12,000 record mailing list of the closest 6,000 residents to each location. They mailed out their postcard to these residents twice to increase exposure.

The Results

Over 200 phone calls came in and another 1,600 people visited their website!

As we see quite often, the postcard campaign created both phone calls and visits to the practices website. With DirectMail2.0 they were able to login and see that over 200 phone calls came in from the postcards and 1,600 people visited their website! Thanks to DirectMail2.0s automatic online follow-up, those who visited the website were shown banner advertisement for the practice, directing them back to Dr. Woos website. The online ads were displayed a total of 350,354 times!

CSID: 3708