The Situation

Dr. Tammy Grimm and her staff at Riverside Family Dental provide gentle dentistry to people of all ages in Riverside, IA, a rural town just outside of Iowa City. They called PostcardMania for help building up their patient base.

The Solution

Our marketing experts helped Dr. Grimm create a revenue-generating dental marketing campaign for her practice.

The postcard design was effective because:

  • The main image and blue-and-white color scheme immediately conveys DENTAL
  • Trust elements – a testimonial on the front and a picture of the doctor on the back – help establish credibility
  • A sub headline that leads into bulleted text makes the back easy to read
  • A great offer of FREE whitening FOR LIFE entices prospective patients to call, and the 30-day expiration date encourages them to do so sooner rather than later

Riverside Family Dental sent the postcards out to a list of 6,000 residents in their service area four times, knowing that repetition increases marketing effectiveness.

To help Dr. Grimm get even MORE exposure, she signed up for DirectMail2.0 New Patient Edition. Along with mail tracking (so the doctor could see when her postcards arrived in mailboxes) and call tracking (so she could see exactly how many calls her postcards generated), DirectMail2.0 New Patient Edition showed her online ads to prospective patients in her service area at the same time her postcards were reaching their recipients!

The Results

We generated $16,000 from our postcard marketing!

Thanks to repeated postcard mailings and the built-in follow-up provided by DirectMail2.0 New Patient Editions online ads, Riverside Family Dental got 84 new calls from their campaign! Many dentists estimate a new patient to be worth $1,000 their first year, so thats a potential $84,000 in immediate revenue!

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