The door-hangers design used a lot of visuals to help make a quick connection with prospective patients. On the front, they featured pictures of both their dentists, as well as 4 pictures of their fun dental office. The pictures showed a kids playroom for young patients to use while waiting for their appointment and engaging interior decorations, like underwater wallpaper. They also included a special offer of $60 for a cleaning, exam and X-Rays. On the back, they provided all the necessary contact information a prospective patient would need to get in touch with their dental practice and schedule an appointment.

The Situation

Salem Smiles Family Dentistry wanted to grow their practice by reaching out to the local community, but they wanted to try something different than postcards. They wanted to add a more personal touch and thought personally delivered door-hangers would be perfect. They consulted with our marketing experts to learn more about dental marketing strategies using door-hangers to grow their practice.

The Solution

We strategically designed, then printed, 10,000 door-hangers for Salem Smiles. To start off, they distributed 5,000 of those door-hangers to all the homes within 2 miles of their dental office. This built their brand recognition in the community and generated some great results for them.

The Results

We generated 14 new patients from our first 5,000 door-hangers!

They have received 14 new patients from the first 5,000 door-hangers. On average, each new patient generated about $250-$300 in revenue. That means they have generated approximately $3,500-$4,200 from just half of their door-hangers! They are already looking at a great return on investment from their door-hanger marketing.

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