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The postcard designs used vibrant contrast between light colors, like blues, and earthy colors, like browns. The marketing message on the card focused on showing prospects that cosmetic dentistry doesnt have to be expensive. They featured 4 special offers. They told prospects about a discount plan they could take advantage of, and their subheading read, Dont overspend at the dentist again! This specific message appealed to a wide variety of prospects.

The Situation

This Dentistry located in Temple, Texas wanted to find a way to get their marketing message to their local prospects to increase their clientele. They consulted with our marketing experts to devise a plan for achieving their marketing goals.

The Solution

We decided that an EDDM mailing list would suit the needs of this dental practice best. EDDM is a service offered by the United States Postal Service. It stands for Every Door Direct Mail, because it allows you to send your postcards to every mailbox on a particular carrier route with discounted postage.

We came up with a marketing strategy, where this dental practice mailed 4 different postcard designs. They sent out each design one after the other, with a new EDDM list for each new design. This allowed them to reach a large number of quality prospects for less postage cost.

The Results

Acquired 229 patients, which generated more than $115,000 in revenue!

The results for their dental practice were incredible: Weve received 229 patients and produced $137,078.48 in production off those patients! Collection so far is $115,160.27. We started off averaging $300 per patient from the mailers and have since tweaked the mailing list to average over $600 per patient.

Thats an unbelievable return on investment! It worked for them and it could work for your practice too.

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