Our marketing team created a postcard to emphasize the benefits of treatment as well as the ease of the Invisalign process. The front of the card featured a large picture of a dazzling smile, as well as smaller pictures along the bottom showing the easy-to-use nature of Invisalign. One worry of orthodontic prospects is the cost. To remove this hesitation, they featured a discount offer right on the front to maintain the interest of those who would worry about the cost. The back laid out how easy achieving straight teeth could be without using metal wires and brackets. It also displayed offers for a free consultation and a reiteration of the discount on the front.

The Situation

Stephen McCuin, D.D.S is the owner of a cosmetic dentistry practice. He wanted to bring in more clients for his practice. He knew marketing could help him, but didnt know where to start. He consulted with our marketing team who crafted a marketing strategy to fit his needs.

The Solution

Stephen offers a hugely marketable service, Invisalign orthodontic treatment. This treatment can straighten teeth without traditional metal braces. Many people who arent happy with their smile would like orthodontic treatment, but having metal attached to their teeth pushes them away from investing in treatment. Invisalign removes that barrier! The campaign was sent once to 11,718 consumers from 18-55 years old with an annual income of $40,000 or more.

The Results

Acquired 6 new Invisalign patients, which brought in $5,500 in revenue each!

Stephen was very pleased with the results his dental clinic marketing campaign brought him: We got 6 new Invisalign cases from the mailing! Great success, because each case is $5,500. Thanks! Very pleased with yall! In addition to that… They made social media gains as well. They gained a whopping 840 followers for their social media platforms. The Google follow-up ads that come as a part of DirectMail2.0s online marketing have been seen 116,144 times. More patients, more revenue and incredible convenience: thats what DirectMail2.0 offers dentists.

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