The Situation

The Dental Emergency Room in Clearwater, FL has a lot to offer new and current patients! Dr. William Jarmolych wanted to spread the word about their services to nearby residents. He consulted our marketing experts to learn more about how a postcard marketing campaign can play an important part in helping dentists and orthodontists grow their practices.

The Solution

The Dental Emergency Room purchased a list of 6,000 records, comprised of those living in the area surrounding their location. Theyve mailed to this list twice so far, and plan to do another mailing next month. As important as the mailing list is, the dental postcard design also plays a huge part. Here are the key elements to The Dental Emergency Rooms design:

A crystal-clear headline

Eye catching information, right away

An amazing offer (FREE Dentures!)

The Results

37 New Patients so far and $4800 in immediate income

Their campaign worked! After mailing 12,000 postcards, The Dental Emergency Room has already received 43 calls and 37 new patients, for an immediate revenue jump of $4,800! This doesnt include all of the revenue they will make from those new patients future visits. We cant wait to see where their next mailing takes them!

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