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11 Awesome Farming Postcards Realtors Should Use Right Now

11 awesome farming postcards realtors should use right now

Hey Realtors!

Want to see gorgeous farming postcards you can mail for your next realtor direct mail campaign?

We have 11 —

Check them out here!

1. Create potential buyers with this farming postcard stunner

LOVE the use of the yellow in this farming postcard template!

Bright colors (like yellow) attract prospects to LOOK at your realtor marketing…

Which is EXACTLY what you want!

farming postcards for realtors

Notice the special offer in bright red??

Your farming postcard MUST have an irresistible special offer.

So grab this:

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2. Use an eye-catching headline struggling homeowners need to see

Check out this real estate farming postcard you can use:

farming postcards for realtors

Here’s the deal:

Homeowners (and wannabe homeowners) need to see your marketing message repeatedly.

Just sending farming postcards one time will likely NOT grow your business.

You need to build trust and familiarity with your real estate business over time —

And in as many places as possible…

You can integrate both Google, Facebook, AND Instagram ads into your real estate direct mail campaigns—

And without lifting a finger or figuring ANY digital marketing out!

Called Everywhere Small Business, it’s the easiest real estate marketing program that bundles all this together for you:

  • Postcards that mail to your prospects’ homes
  • Google ads that blast on thousands of internet websites
  • Facebook ads that promote your business in prospects’ newsfeeds
  • And Instagram ads that promote your business on mobile devices

We even track your results for you, so all you need to do is focusing on receiving new prospect calls and closing more deals than ever before!

3. Give a killer special offer to generate a 350% return on investment

Marketing for realtors — and investors alike — needs to consistently generate ENOUGH leads.

One way to pull in leads FAST…

Give prospects a special offer to sweeten the deal!

Like with this farming postcard:

farming postcards for realtors

In fact:

One of our realtor clients mailed targeted real estate postcards and generated a 350% return on investment — they even personalized their postcard, too!

4. Save distressed homeowners (and make $25,000 in revenue)

One way to get your farming postcards to pop out of the mail stack…

Use bright red like this design:

farming postcards for realtors

Here’s a case study:

This Memphis real estate company mailed farming postcards to homeowners, and check out their results:

After only 2 mailings, they generated $25,000 in revenue — a 1,677% return on investment!

And they still had more postcards left to mail!

5. Show multiple photos of your properties like this

Get professional photos done of your properties and then plug them into this beautiful farming postcard design:

farming postcards ideas

Here are 4 places you can find local photographers for your farming postcards:

Here’s #6…

6. Here’s a simple farming postcard design you can use

Just plug in your photos, and you’re ready to mail!

farming postcards ideas

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7. Plug your picture into your this awesome farming postcard

This farming postcard is ready to go —

Just pop your photo and professional logo into it:

farming postcards ideas

Mail your farming postcards to a mailing list FULL of qualified prospects…

In fact:

Grab 1,000 FREE mailing list records here!

8. Generate up to $260,000 with this design

It’s amazing the results you can generate mailing farming postcards consistently!

farming postcards for real estate marketing

In fact:

One of our clients generated $260,000 in revenue from his realtor direct mail campaign, and —

Their most recent campaign generated a crazy 14,194% return on investment (ROI)!

Talk about RESULTS!

9. Use this easy-to-customize farming postcard and attract 237 leads

This eye-catching farming postcard can easily be customized to your business!

farming postcards for real estate marketing

Check out this case study:

A California real estate investor received a whopping 237 leads from ONE campaign!

Here’s #10…

10. Place your headshot on this classic farming postcard

farming postcards for real estate marketing

And here’s #11…

11. Snatch prospects’ attention with this awesome photo mosaic

Your prospects can’t NOT see this gorgeous farming postcard —

And you can simply USE it with your photo!

farming postcards for real estate marketing


Your realtor direct mail campaign is only as good as the people you mail it to —

AKA… your mailing list!

Don’t skimp on it!

And make sure no matter what —

You mail your farming postcards at least 3 times to your mailing list to help generate the best response (and ROI) possible!

Another idea:

Easily add Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads to your postcard campaign to spread your marketing message literally everywhere your prospects spend their time!

Called Everywhere Small Business

You can watch a video about it here and learn how to effortlessly blast your entire area with YOUR realtor marketing —

And dominate your competition in the process!

Ready to start your farming postcard campaign to grow your business??

Contact one of my marketing consultants at 800-628-1804 — they can answer any questions you have about growing your real estate business! And their advice and help is 100% FREE!



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