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The Situation

The owners of First Stone Management wanted to increase their marketing to attract more motivated homeowners who needed to sell their houses due to distress or equity that was too high.

The Solution

First Stone Management needed a marketing solution designed especially to grab homeowners’ attention and compel them to contact First Stone for help in getting rid of their distressed properties. The client used Everywhere Small Business to run matching Google AND Facebook ads at the same time their postcards mailed.

Here’s why their design worked:

  • The main color is BRIGHT pink which immediately grabs attention!
  • Recipients saw their first name AND address instantly on the postcard.
  • Cold-hard cash is an offer NO distressed homeowner would ignore.

The matching Google and Facebook ads reached thousands of people online. By using a special printing technology, the client’s postcard featured BOTH the first name of each and every prospect and their property address, giving a personalized touch. Plus — integrating both Google and Facebook ads into their postcard mailing using Everywhere Small Business, the client got their marketing shown to every qualified prospect for just pennies extra per piece.

For their campaign, First Stone Management used a list of high equity, non-owner occupied homes and added additional homes to it that they had identified as distressed from driving around their area in California. These mailing list contacts not only received the client’s postcards, but they also saw matching Google and Facebook ads online.

The Results

23 unique tracked calls!

First Stone Management mailed just 2,000 postcards and still have 3,000 more to mail in their campaign — yet here are their results from their Everywhere Small Business campaign so far:

  • 23 unique tracked calls from their postcards
  • 1,239 clicks through to their website from their online ads
  • Their online ads were shown 164,500 times. Again — this campaign isn’t over yet, so the FULL results of their marketing campaign have yet to be known!

Interested in doing a similar campaign for your business? Call us and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating campaigns for other real estate investors!

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