The Situation

The real estate brokers at Westhill Real Estate in Los Banos, CA, wanted to get their name out in the area and bring in more clients, so they called PostcardMania.

The Solution

With the help of our marketing consultants, the agents at Westhill created a postcard campaign that would get locals looking to buy or sell a home to call their office.

Heres why the design was effective:

  • A bold headline and photos of houses tells prospects immediately that this company sells property in their neighborhood
  • A sub headline on the back leads into text that is chock full of BENEFITS!
  • A photo of the real estate agent builds trust with the recipient They decided to print four different postcards one for each of the agents that included their picture and contact information.

Each month, they send out 500 of each postcard (2,000 total) to single-family dwelling units in their area.

The Results

14,194% return on investment!

After just two months, each of the brokers had closed about five deals, averaging $260,000 each. The commission on each sale is 4.5%, which means each agent generated $58,500 in revenue $234,000 total for the office. The cost of printing and mailing those 2,000 postcards was $1,637, which means they got a 14,194% return on their investment!

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