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3 Ways Technology Helps You Make Money With Direct Mail Marketing

The average person is exposed to an estimated 6,000 to 10,000 advertisements per day. So it’s not surprising that we are almost ‘immune’ to their charm. 

Don’t get me wrong — this doesn’t mean they’re not effective or they don’t have their place in . In fact, marketers have been able to experience a 96 percent increase in clicks with an active Facebook ad campaign.

However, there is another mode of marketing that might be even more effective.  has been used for years, long before  online was a thing. Keep reading to see how PostcardMania’s direct mail technology is changing the game completely.

Featured in Forbes

15 Underappreciated Abilities In A Sales Hire

The two most vital abilities that a sales hire ought to demonstrate are tenacity and confidence. However, they aren’t the only skills that a sales professional should have. When a company hires a salesperson, they should look at the bigger picture and appreciate the other inherent skills that hire might bring to the company.

Fifteen business leaders from Forbes Agency Council take a look at the most underappreciated abilities your sales hire may have that you’re not taking advantage of.

Keep reading to see what Joy contributed to this must-read article for business owners…

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PostcardMania Named Tampa Bay’s Second Largest Marketing Firm

The Tampa Bay Business Journal just released its list of the Tampa Bay metro’s largest marketing firms, and PostcardMania moves up the list as the second largest firm in the entire bay area! With 282 staff after a summertime hiring spree, PostcardMania swiftly moved up the ranks of the annual list, which ranks marketing firms based on local full-time employees.

Tampa Bay’s metro area is primarily made of three large cities, Tampa, Clearwater and St. Petersburg. With an estimated 3.1 million residents, the Tampa Bay metro area is the 18th largest metropolitan area in the United States.

You can check out the TBBJ’s entire list here.

Featured in Forbes

How Are Small Businesses Rebounding From The Pandemic?

It’s no secret that, in the wake of Covid-19, many small businesses are struggling to navigate a confusing landscape of governmental restrictions, staff and customer safety, and how to regain the momentum lost to shutdowns earlier this year.

If you listen to the news, you might think that all small businesses are on the verge of collapse. Yet at my company, where we service small businesses directly, we just had the best month of May in our entire 22-year history, and this summer has set records as well. With that in mind, I wanted to personally take the pulse of American small-business owners and find out how they handled the pandemic, especially with regards to marketing.

Continue reading to see what SMBs had to say about the state of their Covid-19 rebound…

Featured in Forbes

How Your Company Can Rebound From A Crisis

The Covid-19 pandemic shook many small businesses in America this past March, and despite being labeled an “essential business,” my company was not spared. Thankfully, the panic — and our abysmal numbers — was short lived. We’re still working on recovery, but there are a few practices that brought us out of panic mode and can help your business craft its own rebound.

We’re not totally out of the woods yet with Covid-19, but I’m confident the strategies we implemented (and that I’m sharing now) will help your business rebound faster and possibly stronger than ever.

Keep reading to find out what they are!

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3 Rebound Strategies to Help Your Business Overcome Crisis

The effects of the pandemic have seemingly left no business untouched over these past several months. Even my company, despite being labeled an “essential business,” was not spared. 

Just a few short months ago, our weekly earnings took a massive 41% hit as a result of nationwide shutdowns. You could say I was a little worried. OK, a lot worried. But today, I count myself as fortunate – our sales and leads have already returned to normal.

Here are some takeaways from our success…

Featured in Quick Sprout

2020 Best Direct Mail Services

Direct mail is an effective and affordable way to drive brand awareness, generate leads, and engage with new customers. It’s an excellent opportunity for both new and established businesses to reach consumers who may not see their digital presence.

In order to have success in this space, you need to find a reliable direct mail service. It’s an excellent opportunity for both new and established businesses to reach consumers who may not see their digital presence.

Read on to see why Quick Spout ranks PostcardMania as one of its top picks for best direct mail service providers in 2020…

Featured in Monster

Small business hiring guide: surviving COVID-19

Businesses are facing unprecedented hiring challenges this year, in addition to all the other challenges that have emerged as a result of the pandemic. This guide will reveal some of the key hiring challenges that small and medium businesses are facing, along with hiring strategies to prepare for an uncertain future.

PostcardMania features as a hiring case study, highlighting 25 new hires since the lift of our hiring freeze on May 1. Download the guide here.

Featured in Small Business Trends

62% of Small Businesses Likely to Keep Staff Levels the Same Despite Pandemic Closures

A total of 62% of small business owners will fight to keep staff levels the same for the rest of the year. The expectation to maintain staff levels comes despite the disruption many businesses are facing in the wake of the pandemic.

This statistic was unveiled by research carried out by PostcardMania, providers of innovative marketing solutions. The research involved surveying 126 small business owners on their responses to coronavirus.

Continue reading this survey analysis on Small Business Trends.

Featured in MediaPost

SMBs Continue To Market Despite Revenue Shortfalls: Study

Small businesses are revving up their marketing budgets, including those for email, and holding onto employees despite a clouded revenue picture for 2020, judging by How 126 Small Businesses Responded To Coronavirus, a study by PostcardMania. 

Read on for more survey results and analysis.

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