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Featured in Fox 13

High school dropout to CEO: Postcardmania founder helps market small businesses

Joy Gendusa was interviewed by Fox 13 Tampa Bay

CLEARWATER, Fla. – It’s a workplace where even the printers have personality.

Joy Gendusa leads Postcardmania’s colorful office space in Clearwater as the founder and CEO. She said the company takes traditional direct mail by using postcards and other products to combine with online ads and tracking to see where leads are coming from for small businesses.

Watch the interview here.

Featured in Newsweek

Small Business Marketing Company, PostcardMania, Expands AdTech During Explosive Growth

PostcardMania’s 23-year journey took them to $64 million in revenue in 2020. Now, with their founder/CEO Joy Gendusa still at the helm, they look to the next era of the company, helping small businesses navigate the ever-growing maze of marketing technologies.

Come to PostcardMania’s campus today, and you will find an on-site café, a gym, multiple facilities and crucially, the 5 commercial printing presses which form the backbone of the company’s business. If you add to this the 300 staff and close to 100,000 clients, then the small startup, setup in a 600 square foot cottage seems a world away. 23 years ago however, that was the reality for PostcardMania…

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Featured in Newsweek

Rebranding Florida For the Future

Newsweek was writing an article about how Florida and its businesses are flourishing, and reached out to us because we’ve been growing like crazy!

Joy Gendusa, founder and CEO of Postcard Mania, a marketing firm in Clearwater, Florida has put her energy into moving her traditional postcard mailing business towards the digital future, helping the small business owner adapt to the ever-changing world of marketing. With 25 years of cutting-edge printing behind them, and their new digital focus on a steep upward trajectory, PostcardMania is well positioned for the future as Florida’s number-one AdTech force and Gendusa is anticipating the future, “I am going to be listening so I can help small businesses with what they need now, and what they’re going to need for the next ten years.”

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Featured in TBBJ

Clearwater’s PostcardMania adds C-level position

PostcardMania has seen a lot of growth over the last two years, with earnings up 31% in 2021 and nearly 100 new hires added since May 2020.

Continue reading to learn how PostcardMania’s growth led to the creation this new client-centric role to further improve client experience and campaign results.

Featured in Martechcube

PostcardMania Posts New C-Level Executive

PostcardMania, the $83.9MM small business-focused marketing company, has announced a new C-level executive role, its Chief Experience Officer, to further improve client experience and campaign results with the firm. This move will help PostcardMania better leverage its marketing technologies and customer service platforms to meet the needs of clients seeking to maximize campaign results, value and efficiency.

This new client-centric role will be filled by 12-year PostcardMania veteran, Jackie Payson Wirsing, who began with the company in 2010 as Director of New Products.

Keep reading here, to learn more about our new Chief Experience Officer, Jackie!

Featured in MartechSeries

PostcardMania Posts New C-Level Executive, Chief Experience Officer, in Renewed Push to Continually Improve Campaign Results

PostcardMania has named longtime employee Jackie Payson Wirsing to its new C-level executive role, Chief Experience Officer. Wirsing has been with the firm 12 years, started in 2010 as New Product Manager. Her new role as Chief Experience Officer will focus on further improving client experience and campaign results as part of PostcardMania’s continued push to become the nation’s top results-driven marketing company for US-based small businesses.

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Featured in Authority

Self Made Women: Joy Gendusa Of PostcardMania On How She Started With Nothing and Became A Millionaire

Some people were born with the proverbial silver spoon in their mouth. Even then, becoming a millionaire is still quite an accomplishment. But people who start from nothing, and especially women who start from nothing, who make it to the top to become millionaires, despite the pay inequalities based on gender, the confidence gap, with nothing but grit, hustle, resilience, and “stick-to-itness”, are on a whole new level. We want to share those stories and inspire other women. In this interview series, we’re talking to “Self-Made” women leaders who started with nothing (i.e. started without investors or trust fund or capital or even people believing in them) and have become millionaires.

As a part of our series, I had the pleasure of interviewing Joy Gendusa.

Continue reading Joy’s self made story here.

Featured in Dental Economics

3 tips for increasing restorative procedures using targeted direct mail

RESTORATIVE PROCEDURES–THE BREAD AND BUTTER of many successful practices–represent some of the most lucrative opportunities in dentistry today. A schedule full of restorative appointments can be the difference between a stagnating or thriving practice. How can you ensure you’re drawing a fair share of restorative patients to your practice before they book appointments with your competitors?

Direct mail can give you an edge over digital-only advertising when it comes to landing these big payday patients, thanks to one of its most reliable data sets: age. For example, Google simply guesses a user’s age based on their browsing profile, and Facebook is likely to show your ad to people outside your desired age group to improve overall reach if they fit your other parameters. With Direct Mail, your data is finite and extremely reliable, due to regular monthly updates by the United States Postal Service (USPS). Keep reading…


Featured in Catalyst

Clearwater marketing tech company ends year with nearly $84M in earnings

The Clearwater marketing tech firm PostcardMania has reached new milestones – exceeding the company’s projections.

PostcardMania sells direct mail campaigns to thousands of small businesses, using automation technology that programs mail ahead of time, allowing the system to deliver a single mail piece to anyone when triggered.

Founded in 1998, PostcardMania began as a tiny startup in a 600-square-foot cottage in Clearwater. It currently operates out of a 69,800 square-foot campus on Sunnydale Boulevard.

The marketing tech firm grew from earning $64.2 million in 2020 to $83.9 million in 2021, which greatly exceeded its projected earnings of $75 million to $80 million. 

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Featured in The Epoch Times

How Businesses Are Generating Recurring Revenue Streams

While in its simplest form, the concept of manufacturing may convey the thought of creating and selling a product, today’s connectivity has led to further opportunities. For manufacturers, that includes windows opening to new revenue streams. The trend encompasses changing preferences among consumers as well, including benefits that come from services such as subscriptions and warranties. 

Perhaps the greatest potential of recurring revenue steps from the opportunity to transform and grow a business model.

Keep reading to discover how CEO Joy Gendusa successfully transformed and grew PostcardMania’s business model.


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