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PostcardMania Adds New Technology to its Flagship Multichannel Marketing Campaign, Enhancing Online and Offline Integration for Small Businesses

PostcardMania, the $97MM marketing technology firm employing 350 staff in the Tampa Bay, FL area, added two new digital targeting features — geofencing and contextual search retargeting — to its nationally recognized multichannel marketing campaign package, Everywhere Small Business.

PostcardMania is one of the few marketing companies in the world capable of delivering complex online and offline-integrated campaigns like Everywhere Small Business without any outsourcing, affording clients superior quality control, shorter turnaround times and competitive cost savings, a driving factor in maximizing return on investment. These integrated solutions are all part of PostcardMania’s larger mission to help small businesses get the best results and the highest ROI from their advertising campaigns.

Going forward, PostcardMania’s contextual search retargeting, to be called Browsed-Content Targeting, enables businesses to reach prospects based on topics they research online. For example, an automotive repair company could display digital ads to people who research “check engine light repair” or “replacing car a/c.”

Read on here to learn more about these digital target features.

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Direct Mail is Having a Moment. Incorporate it Into Your Mix

Joy recently had an interview with Street Fight, an online publication that keeps readers informed on marketing trends.

The article was titled: Direct Mail is Having a Moment. Incorporate it Into Your Mix.

She talked about the impact of direct mail and included news of our recent revenue growth. You can read it here.

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PostcardMania Sets New Quarterly Records on Pace to Break $110 million, Increases Annual Marketing Budget 20% in Growth Push

Marketing technology firm PostcardMania has set new records in revenue in the first quarter of 2023 and projects growth for the remainder of the year. The direct mail specialist achieved a net revenue of over $25 million in the first quarter of 2023, $1.8 million more than last year’s first quarter revenue of $23.2 million. This marks a quarter-over-quarter growth of 7.82% despite mounting layoffs in the tech and marketing sectors, persistently high inflation, and fears of a looming recession.

PostcardMania ended the quarter with momentum, setting a new earnings record for the most revenue generated in a single month in March 2023.

Moving forward, PostcardMania plans to maintain its growth push with an additional marketing investment of $1.5 million, increasing its annual marketing budget by more than 20% to $8 million for the year. Recently, Founder/CEO Joy Gendusa decided to increase marketing and R&D investments this year in order to reach new goals and plan for the long-term future of her company.

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Bank Failures and Inflation Making You Sweat? Here Are 3 Marketing Moves to Make Your Business Recession-Proof.

If you’re a business owner, a lot has happened already this year to make you stop and consider the state of your (and your business’s) money.

Inflation has every dollar shrinking in value, federal rate hikes have made it more costly to borrow, and while recent bank failures may not have impacted your business outright, it certainly caused a justifiable stir.

With all of this going on, my husband and I decided to meet with a mentor and financial consultant who has managed hundreds of millions of dollars in capital over the last 25 years to review our investments.

He pointed out that, while we both have various investments, we’ve primarily been putting our money into something that has paid off many times over standard stock market returns — and that something is our respective businesses.

Continue reading here to learn the three marketing moves to make your business recession-proof.

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How I Increased Staff Retention by 5% Last Year While the Nation Hit Record-High Quitting Numbers

Building a successful business comes with a myriad of challenges, but I’ll argue that retaining amazing staff over long periods of time is in the top three … but not for me.

In 2022, about 50.5 million Americans quit their jobs, which was 2.7 million more than the number of Americans quitting in 2021, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported. But even more shocking is the fact that both 2021 and 2022 were record-breaking years respectively, seeing the highest numbers of quits in history since the BLS started tracking the figure back in 2001. These are the years economists are calling the “Great Resignation.”

So, how does a business owner achieve the goal of attracting and keeping the best talent amidst these nationwide quitting trends? Continue reading here to learn the answer.

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3 ways your business can survive an economic downturn without layoffs or marketing budget cuts

Key insights from PostcardMania’s Founder/CEO, Joy Gendusa, on how she managed her business through two economic crises — one with stellar results, and one with hard-learned lessons:

  • It can be tempting to go straight to layoffs or cut marketing costs during an economic downturn.
  • Losing new business to less marketing and laying off experienced staff you’ll have to rehire are not the best ways to go.
  • Focus on messaging that resonates with customers, and never cut your marketing spend.

Keep reading for the three key principles you should follow during an economic downturn to ensure your business survives.

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My Business Survived 2 Recessions by Applying These 3 Principles

Since I founded my business PostcardMania in 1998, I’ve encountered many different challenges along the way, including establishing an in-house direct mail printing facility and beating out my competitors. I’ve also survived two recessions; each one resulted in different outcomes for my company.

Today, I share the lessons I learned during those economic setbacks with anyone and everyone who wants to build a strong business that can withstand anything thrown at it. Continue reading…

Featured in CISION PR Newswire

PostcardMania Reaches All-time High Staff Retention in 2022 Despite Record Number of People Quitting Nationwide Last Year in Latest Annual Jobs Report

PostcardMania, a 350-employee marketing company based in Clearwater, FL, reached a highest-ever staff retention rate in 2022 despite mounting layoffs and increasing job separations nationwide. Their overall retention rate in 2022 increased 5% from 2021, and the sales department also increased its year-over-year retention rate an impressive 15%, both all-time highs for PostcardMania.

This is despite the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reporting that the number of people quitting their jobs last year reached 50.6 million, the highest annual level in the survey’s history. Read more about how PostcardMania bucked these trends to increase retention here

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PostcardMania Hits Revenue Record in 2022 & Looks For Expansion

PostcardMania has again surpassed record numbers in revenue of $83.9MM in 2021, reaching $97.2MM in 2022. The direct mail marketing firm increased revenue by roughly 15% and has seen year-over-year growth despite challenging economic conditions. Most notably, PostcardMania’s technology-focused division, PCM Integrations, led growth with a 38% year-over-year increase in revenue over 2021.

Continue reading about PostcardMania’s record year…

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How I Built a Sales Funnel That Generates Over $80 Million

The new year is an important time for entrepreneurs to reflect — what are we going to do differently this year to reach that next milestone in growth? You can take a magnifying glass to social media trends, your team or a number of other factors, but I’d like to draw your eye to the bare bones of the operation — the sales funnel. A sales funnel is kind of like the skeleton of your marketing; it holds the structure of the customer journey, which takes them from the first point of contact all the way to purchase.

It is possible your leads are getting lost somewhere down the pipeline, and it’s your job to find out where and improve it. To save you the agony of not knowing where to start, I will line up some suggestions.

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