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Construction Advertising Strategies

Want construction marketing ideas PROVEN to work? We’ve designed marketing campaigns for over 1,000 construction and paving businesses, and we’ve cataloged the best construction marketing ideas for you! Want to see more construction or paving postcard templates you can use? Request FREE postcard samples below — we’ll mail them straight to you!

Postcardmania Construction Customer Reviews

Each mailing we have done, we have literally had instant results - we know when the postcards drop in mailboxes because the phone instantly starts ringing! We are super happy with Postcardmania and hope to use them again in the future!

We felt it was the best way to get the news of our new service we provide out while putting our standard in front of them as well. This campaign hasn't hit yet but in the past, the response has been excellent & immediate! We partake in all avenues of advertising and marketing. Newspapers, magazines, website, facebook, radio, billboards, car/truck wraps, restaurants, sponsorships. The direct mailing seems to hit a different market and puts our name right in front of and in the hands of potential customers. They can save the postcard for a future project which is nice, if they see it elsewhere, they have to remember the name to recall it

Thank you so much Amy and Jimmy. Post card marketing through your company has increased sales for my company over the past few years and I really appreciate your work!

Tori was wonderful and very very quick to respond. I like it when I can call and actually speak to a real person! I also liked that things flowed well!

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