10 Absentee Owner Real Estate Postcards for Marketing Inspiration

10 absentee real estate postcards for marketing inspiration

There’s a GOLDMINE of potential revenue with absentee home owners…

But how do you actually reach them with your real estate marketing?

Absentee owner postcards are one way that’s PROVEN to work!

When you mail postcards directly to a mailing list FULL of absentee home owners, you’re sure to see leads call in…

Especially if you use one of these 10 gorgeous designs below!

I think you’ll be surprised at how effective these can be…

1. Use a risk-free special offer to attract 414 interested leads

To make your postcard POP out of the mail stack, I recommend using a very attractive, risk-free special offer…

Like this one:

absentee owner postcards

See how the contrasting green color makes that $500 rebate offer pop off the postcard design?

Easy to see is what you want your real estate marketing to be!

And here’s a trick:

If you incorporate Google (and even FACEBOOK) ads into your real estate direct mail campaign, you could generate up to 414 interested leads like this client of ours did.

Here’s the second design:

2. Show prospects a CASH money offer like this

Nothing compels action quite like CASH.

Since you’re no stranger to the illustrious cash offers in real estate investor marketing, here’s a design you can use:

absentee owner marketing real estate


See that contrasting color used again in the “GET A CASH OFFER” graphic??

It’s one of my 10 lead-generating postcard design tips (grab a FREE copy of those here)!

3. Copy this simple special offer to generate $16,000 in revenue

When your postcard design grabs prospects’ attention with bright bold colors, a simple special offer works great!

Check out this absentee owners marketing postcard you can use:

real estate marketing to absentee owners

I love this design because NO ONE can ignore that bright red postcard when they receive it…

And DON’T think for one second that a FREE consultation won’t generate you leads!

One of our clients used this same special offer strategy in their real estate investor marketing plan, and check out their results:

  • 23 prospect calls
  • $16,000 in revenue
  • And that’s only 45 days after they mailed their postcards!

Talk about growing your business FAST!

The magic is…

In your absentee owner mailing list.

4. Mail this design to a list FULL of your ideal prospects

absentee owner real estate

Can you get an absentee owner list for free?

Sure, but will it be any good?

Maybe, but most likely not…

I recommend you buy a quality mailing list and target the zip codes most likely to have properties you want to buy.

Plus, a quality mailing list can additionally target:

  • Home values
  • Individuals who’ve declared bankruptcy
  • Or probate
  • Or even divorce

Your mailing list is the MOST important element of your real estate direct mail campaign—

Don’t skimp on it!

You can get 1,000 FREE records here to start.

5. Target landlords sick of their empty properties with this design

Too many people jump into real estate investment without considering it’s a LEGIT business that must be run as such.


With the marketing crash of 2008-2009, there are still many people who never recovered from houses whose values plummeted.

And those people are sitting there— needing your help!

Here’s a real estate investor postcard design you can use to target landlords wanting out of their property:

direct mail for realtors


Your MAILING LIST is how you’ll mail your realtor postcards to the exact people most likely to call you for help!

You can find out for FREE how many landlords are in your area by clicking here.

6. Reach rental property owners using this real estate postcard

If you offer property management services, you can use this design (and a mailing list!) to target rental property owners who need your help:

real estate postcard marketing

All you need to do is insert your logo on that postcard and mail it consistently to see calls, leads, and revenue come in!

Need a professional logo you can be proud of mailing to thousands of prospects?

You can check out PostcardMania’s affordable logo design services here.

7. Catch prospects’ attention with this bright real estate postcard design

Another example of a postcard you can just plug your logo into!

postcards for real estate

Need even more realtor and real estate investor marketing ideas?

FREE report: See REAL real estate marketing campaigns that generated leads AND revenue!

8. Mail this gorgeous real estate postcard design

Just another postcard you can mail to home owners who are stuck with WAY too much housework and headache!

absentee owner real estate

9. Reach more absentee home owners with your property management expertise

Got to love that special offer:

real estate marketing to absentee owners

A FREE month of property management!

Who could say no to that??

FREE report: 128 special marketing offers already PROVEN to generate leads

10. Use an eye-catching headline struggling homeowners need to see

Check out this real estate investor postcard you can use:

absentee owner real estate

Here’s the truth:

Absentee homeowners need to see your marketing message repeatedly.

Just sending real estate mailers ONE time will not grow your business.

You need to build trust and familiarity with your business over time… and in as many places as possible.

You can easily integrate both Google AND Facebook into your real estate direct mail campaigns—

And without lifting a finger or figuring ANY digital marketing out!

Called Everywhere Small Business, it’s the easiest real estate marketing program that bundles all this together for you:

  • Postcards that mail to your prospects
  • Google ads that blast on thousands of internet websites
  • And Facebook ads that promote your business in prospects’ newsfeeds

We even track your results for you, so all you need to do is focusing on receiving new prospect calls and closing more deals than ever before!

You can see exactly how Everywhere Small Business works in this video.

Want to see even more real estate postcards?

We have an entire gallery here.

If you have any questions about running a lead-generating marketing campaign for your real estate business, please give any one of my marketing experts a call at 800-628-1804. Their advice is 100% FREE!



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