The Situation

Donna L. Miller of RE/MAX Realtec Group is a broker/associate specializing in Palm Harbor, FL, real estate. She called PostcardMania for help getting her name out among local residents who might buy or sell property in the area.

The Solution

Donna and our marketing consultants came up with an idea that would really stick. We created a large, 6×11 magnetic postcard with the local countys school calendar as the front image. That way, recipients could stick it to their refrigerator where they would see it all year long! Plus, adding the calendar (legitimately helpful information) gives recipients a reason to keep it AND builds trust.

This real estate postcard is effective because:

  • It increases recipients affinity for Donna by providing helpful information (the schools calendar).
  • It also includes her photo, which builds trust and thats hugely important for a Realtor!
  • A 6×11 postcard really stands out in a mail stack and on the fridge because of its size.
  • The offer of a FREE market analysis and pre-listing consultation is appealing to recipients who might be contemplating a move.

Donna purchased a list of 5,864 records from us and we sent her postcards out on an every door direct mail (EDDM) route. With EDDM, your postcard goes to every single mailbox along the mail carriers route in your service area. This means less sorting for the Postal Service, so they pass the savings along to you in the form of deeply discounted postage! EDDM is a super affordable way to saturate an entire area with your marketing message.

We usually recommend multiple mailings, but Donna only mailed her postcard once. In this case, however, adding the magnet helped to create that all-important repetition because the recipients who saved it would see it again and again on their fridge!

The Results

Approximately $20,000-$30,000 in income

Since Donnas prospects keep her postcard calendar all year, her returns are still coming! The Realtor says the postcards are responsible for creating 2-3 sales per year, which amounts to anywhere from $20,000 to $30,000 in income. With an initial outlay of $2,902.48, thats a minimum 689% return on investment!

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