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Could your business benefit from reaching every home in your neighborhood? Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) could be for you! The U.S. Post Office Every Door Direct Mail is a specific USPS door to door service that lets you blanket an entire mail carrier route with your postcards for a discounted postage rate.

Watch this video to see how EDDM Postcards works.

What kinds of businesses should use EDDM Mailers?

While many businesses get the best results from a targeted mailing list, others do well with a saturation mailing that hits every residence in their area. Some of the industries that can benefit from EDDM are:

  • Restaurants
  • Retail stores
  • Dentists
  • Dry cleaners
  • Churches
  • Gyms
  • Moving/storage
  • Salons and spas
  • Auto repair

What qualifies a mailing for EDDM services?

To take advantage of the special postage discount, your EDDM postcards campaign must meet specific criteria:

  • EDDM sizes — your postcard be taller than 6.125” or longer than 11.5” and smaller than 12”x15”.
  • You must mail only to zip codes in USPS door to door routes (we can tell you if they are)
  • Your mailing must be at least 200 pieces AND at least one complete carrier route (So a mailing of 200 that only covers 70% of one route would not qualify, nor would a mailing of 58 that covers an entire route)
  • You may only mail 5,000 EDDM postcards per day

If you and your marketing consultant decide that EDDM is right for your business, we will make sure all of the Every Door Direct Mail size specifications are met!

Why Wouldn't a Business Use EDDM?

To put it simply: Even if you're saving money on EDDM USPS postage, if you're not targeting the right people, you're wasting money. EDDM works well for services that everyone needs (dental, auto repair, food, etc.), but less well – in terms of response rate – for niche products and services (child care, trombone repair, high-end real estate, etc.), simply because not everyone in your area wants or needs what you offer.


The cost of EDDM Retail is $0.16 per piece. After all is said and done, the postage savings can reach up to 7 cents over standard letter mail, or 3 cents over 4x6 postcard first class postage rate. That adds up fast when you’re sending thousands of postcards!

Reviews Google Rating: 4.66 Stars

"When I purchased my newset store in 2009, the business performance was trending downward, grossing $11K a month. One year later, after I remodeled and signed up with Postcard Mania, business doubled. YES, doubled. Here we are in 2012, celebrating our 3rd year, the specials I offer via Postcard Mania brought me even more customers, thus an even better gross revenue, now over $25K a month! I believe in Postcard Mania and will continue to use them! Brian Brunckhorst President, Advantage Laundry, Inc."

"Thank you again for all your patience and help. I really appreciate it. With my opponent having $2M, and me not 1/20th of that, when we win, it will have been because the 50,000 postcards you made and mailed for us were directed at the targeted 50,000 voters who made the difference"

" The postcard campaign with Postcard Mania was one of the best moves for our business we made this year. Not only was the service above and beyond what we expected, and the postcard design absolutely stunning, our business has absolutely exploded since sending them out. In fact, about four weeks after the postcards went out, our average number of website hits tripled, as you can see from the attached graph. Our Sales Manager has never seen as many leads as we have coming in right now. We know the successful action! More postcards!"

"Just wanted to let you know about my experience with your company. I just did 2,000 postcards with your company and had a great experience. Every step of the process was explained, my proof changes were expedited in a prompt manner and your staff were very prompt with their email correspondence. I just recommended your services to a friend and he is currently in the process of speaking with Kristi, who, by the way, is a great sales person as she never lost touch with me during the time I was considering doing direct mail. "

"Cards were a success. Several new customers This year and better response than last year. We are just about full for the tax season now. Thanks. "

"We purchased 6,000 “jumbo” post cards to be sent to the same 2,000 people 3 times. I was reluctant to start this campaign in the dead of winter and I was pleasantly surprised. We received about 26 leads and had a great close ratio of 65%. Our total sales were about $30,000.00 with several sales pending."

" U R Great!! Thanks for everything! We are at 3rd goal and a week to go! Should be awesome with the mailer just hitting! Thanks again! Mark "

" Thank you Andrea, you have been most helpful and I really appreciate everything everyone at PostcardMania has done for me"

"Hi Susan, Wanted to let you know how much we like the EDDM post card. Owners are very pleased. Thank you for all your help!!"

"Our event in North Little Rock was tremendously successful! The response on both EDDM's were positive and contributed a significant portion of the volume. Thank you for all you do to help make the Postcardmania process, seamless."

"I credit 2-3 sales per year due to my calendars which is approximately $20,000-$30,000 in income."

"Direct mail has affected our company in a positive way per mailing, every month last year we would get 35 new patients, this year it's gone up to 50 to 100 new patients per month per practice. PostcardMania is different because you are physically giving patients a card in the mail and you can directly target them with different demographics...doing searches on income and families has really helped our company with getting new patients in the door."

"We use the postcards differently in that we send them to only customers in our database. That said, we get at least a 50% to 60% response. Income varies because the postcards are for people that have already purchased a maintenance contract. The postcards serve as an appointment reminder card. Sabrina is great! The process is very informative from purchase to creative, to printing, to mailing...Simply said: I know too much (but I like it)!"

"$2,500 or a little more in immediate revenue!"

"325 new customers!"

"I am so excited about the results of this campaign! The card really stands out, the quality is good and PostcardMania was really easy to work with. The best thing was that my marketing consultant, Nick, was able to advise me on my whole campaign — I never could have gotten that from my local printer! I would definitely recommend PostcardMania to other restaurant owners!"

"I only advertise through our postcard mailings. By the return of customers, I know they're getting the postcards. I estimate between a 5 to 10 times return from our mailings. I found PostcardMania by getting a postcard in the mail. I liked what I saw, and the prices were great. Now we've been working with you for over 10 years!"

"We have seen growth each year, year over year, even through a difficult economy...we're anticipating somewhere between 5-10% growth a year."

"We generated 265 responses and $60,000 in revenue from our postcard mailing! "

"$260,000 in campaign revenue after just three months of mailing!"

"The postcard response was phenomenal. We wrote about five new customers every time it went out resulting in about 60 additional policies."

"We got 10 calls with total sales of $1776.83 and a gross profit of $977.20!"

"90% of my business comes from Postcards. I’ve tried everything from Television to Newspapers, to just about everything under the sun and postcards is the way to go."

"I chose PostcardMania because they were the first I tried and it worked. I get what I want and the cost of the postcards is relatively insignificant if I'm getting great service."

"We [mail our postcards] in small radiuses — four and a half miles of the offices we are in right now. And we’ve created our portfolio by doing exactly that. Sabrina was very helpful from the beginning in helping us get set up. She continues to follow up. [PostcardMania’s] tracking program is great because you can go onto the website and figure out exactly where you are in the campaign — whether it’s active or inactive. Those kinds of things really make a difference to me, and we were really pleased with the support system."

"In the past year, approximately 1/3 of all our jobs came from postcard advertising. This is approximately 170 jobs. We re-order from PostcardMania for several reasons: great customer service, great prices, excellent quality postcards. All of these bring us an excellent return on investment for us."

"We started out doing some targeted mailings with PostcardMania, and we built up a huge customer data base. in fact during the time when the construction industry started dropping we just kept growing because we were targeting residential cleaning customers with minor repairs, etc. Now we target existing customers to keep them coming back. PostcardMania also does our website for us. We get a lot of business through the internet. Out of 350-400 postcards we mail a month, we probably get 10% response initially and then follow up with them for further business. On average our return on investment for the cards is probably 20/1 or 30/1. "

"Within the first week of the postcard campaign we received 50 new customers, and the campaign has already paid for itself including postage! Plus, those new customers will continue to come in which will bring in much more revenue in the months to come. With 2 more mailings to go, we think we will definitely get a profitable return on investment."

"$6,000 a month in premiums!"


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Frequently AskedQuestions

Can I use my current postcard design for EDDM postcards?

In most cases, yes! USPS Every Door Direct Mail has its own set of EDDM specs that a postcard must meet, but it usually isn't a problem. And we can always edit a postcard design to make sure it meets the EDDM postcards standards. No biggie. Plus – enter your email above to receive some USPS EDDM template ideas for your campaign!

Can I ask that certain addresses NOT receive my postcard?

Nope. But that’s the EDDM USPS’s rule, not ours. If you want a custom-tailored, targeted mailing list, we can get you one.

Can’t I do EDDM myself?

Yes, but know this: there are several EDDM specs and requirements in terms of sorting your EDDM postcards including filling out the paperwork correctly. We can organize all this for you if you order your EDDM mailers through us – OR we can direct you on how to do them yourself if you’d prefer that option.

What is the difference between Every Door Direct Mail Retail and EDDM BMEU?

EDDM Retail does not require a mailing permit, but is limited to standard flats (postcards/EDDM flyers) and allows a maximum of 5,000 pieces per day. EDDM BMEU (Business Mail Entry Unit) requires a special bulk-mailing permit, but allows for a little more flexibility in terms of what can be mailed.

What is the estimated EDDM delivery time?

The USPS estimates the delivery time for standard direct mail to be 3-10 days, but they do not guarantee this window. They consider anything after 14 days to be late.

Where can I get the EDDM post office forms?

See the Every Door Direct Mail User Guide for all form information.

Is there a non-profit discount for EDDM?

No. It is still cheaper to use Standard Non-Profit Direct Mail if you qualify.

How can I access the EDDM Business Gateway?

Previous users can access the USPS Business Customer Gateway here.