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The Situation

Located in Washington, D.C., Equity Resource is a real estate investment company that buys houses from owners in distress. They called PostcardMania for help reaching homeowners in their area who might be interested in selling their property using a we buy houses postcard template.

The Solution

With the help of our consultants, the investors created a results-oriented, integrated marketing campaign that started with direct mail postcards.

Heres why the we buy houses postcard design was effective:

  • The bright red and yellow postcard stands out in the mail
  • A bold, clear headline and supporting graphic immediately tells the recipient what the postcard is about
  • The card is full of benefits, which tell the prospect how selling their home to Equity Resource will help them
  • Its easy to read, with a sub headline that leads into text and bullet points
  • Contact information on the front and back of the card makes it easy for recipients to reach out to the company

The postcards were mailed, 2,000 at a time, to a total of 6,000 distressed properties.

Equity Resource used DirectMail2.0, so any interested prospects who visited their website and left without taking action would be cookied and start seeing their Google follow-up ads. When these folks see their ads all over the internet, it does two things:

  • Shows them this is a legitimate business and not some fly-by-night company
  • Reminds them of their interest and encourages them to go back to their website

Most people who are interested in a company will check out their website before deciding to call, which is why DirectMail2.0 campaigns get an even better response than traditional direct mail!

The Results

414 interested leads!

With the tracking capabilities of DirectMail2.0, the real estate investors were able to see that 1,600 people visited their website and were followed by their online banner ads. They could also see that their ads were shown more than 700,000 times, and that viewers clicked on those ads to get back to their website 414 times! Thats 414 prospects who were interested enough to go back to Equity Resources website a second time and likely become sales!

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