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Thank you!! Your company is fabulous on marketing!!

Sabrina was very helpful from the beginning in helping us get set up. She continues to follow up. [PostcardMania’s] tracking program is great because you can go onto the website and figure out exactly where you are in the campaign — whether it’s active or inactive. Those kinds of things really make a difference to me, and we were really pleased with the support system. We spend $30,000–$40,000 on postcard marketing. We make probably $150,000–$200,000 a year off of that campaign!

Everyone was helpful; information was communicated clearly and promptly.

PostcardMania should be your go to for marketing!! There professionalism and knowledge within the marketing industry is top shelf. They have dedicated teams to help you with everything from design layout, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, online banner ads, and follow up emails put in place that make it a 100% done for you system... The only thing holding your company back is YOU!! Stop procrastinating and drop the money in marketing!! This company will help you see new growth by creating a professional, one of a kind done for you marketing campaign.

Thanks Joy! This was our first time ordering postcards for our business and your staff has had amazing customer service throughout all of it, even with my 5000 emails and questions!

6 Gorgeous Real Estate Postcards For Renters You Should Use

6 gorgeous real estate postcards for renters you should use

Hey Realtors!

Want to convert renters into buyers with your realtor marketing?

Try real estate postcards for renters!

Just buy a targeted mailing list and use any one of these 6 ready-made designs!

Check them out:

1. Use this illustrious why rent when you can own postcard

When renters stuffed in apartments see this why rent when you can own postcard, they’ll clamor to call you!

why rent when you can own postcard

Notice that killer special offer in green??

Your why rent when you can own postcard MUST have an irresistible special offer.

So grab this:

FREE report: 128 special marketing offers already PROVEN to work

2. Plug your picture into your this awesome stop renting postcard

This stop renting postcard is ready to go —

Just pop your photo and professional logo into it:

stop renting postcards

Mail your realtor postcards to a mailing list FULL of qualified prospects…

In fact:

Grab 1,000 FREE mailing list records here!

3. Convert renters into buyers with this stunning design

LOVE the use of the bright teal in this design…

Makes it easy for prospects to see your contact information, so they CALL you for your special offer (highlighted in bright yellow)!

convert renters into buyers

Using bright, contrasting colors on postcard designs helps your marketing pop out of the mail stack…

And when you mail consistently, you increase the chance of your convert renters into buyers marketing actually generating response, leads, and revenue!

See REAL case studies of our successful realtor clients here!

4. Mail an eye-catching tired of renting postcard

Renters will definitely relate to this tired of renting postcard design:

tired of renting postcard

If you integrate Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads into your postcard campaign, those tired renters will be SURE to see your real estate marketing to apartment complexes —

Above that of your competition to boot!

See how marketing EVERYWHERE (at an affordable price) works here.

5. Mail this design when real estate marketing to apartment complexes

Showing off a gorgeous new property on the front of your postcard design will help attract renters who want OUT of the apartment complex game!

real estate marketing to apartment complexes


The most important element of your real estate marketing to renters is WHO receives it and how often…

A great design only goes so far if the wrong people receive it, or even if the right people receive it but not in enough quantities!

So mail at least 3 months in a row, and to a targeted mailing list with at least 90% guaranteed deliverability!

Here’s the last one…

6. Feature a property you want to sell on this beautiful design

Have a property you’re trying to sell?

Print it on this why rent when you can own postcard and show renters where they could live!

why rent when you can own postcard

Want your real estate marketing to renters to really hit home?

Add digital ads to your direct mail like this:

Using Everywhere Small Business, for just pennies extra per piece you can integrate the following into your direct mail campaign:

  • Google ads
  • Facebook ads
  • Instagram ads
  • AND call, click, and lead tracking features

Watch the Everywhere Small Business video here to see how to get your real estate marketing to renters shown EVERYWHERE.

Ready to start your marketing campaign — or have questions on designs?

Call one of my marketing experts at 800-628-1804 — their advice is 100% FREE.



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