The Situation

Dickerson & Nieman is a real estate agency located in Rockford, Illinois. In an effort to generate more revenue by acquiring more listings, they reached out the PostcardMania for their marketing expertise in building a farming campaign.

The Solution

They decided on a direct mail campaign that with a very straight-to-the-point headline and design to grab the recipient’s attention. They offer a free home evaluation, a successful tactic used across many of our real estate campaigns.

Dickerson & Nieman’s postcard design included:

  • Copywriting that conveys a sense of urgency
  • A picture of the managing broker to personify the service
  • Easily locatable contact info

Dickerson & Nieman were looking to buy homes, so they needed the best chance to land in mailboxes that were looking to sell. So, their mailing list targeted residents who have been in their homes at least 5 years, which is the average amount of time that a tenant stays in their home.

Another big reason their campaign generated success was the consistency of their mailings. They mailed out 547 postcards once a month over 6 months. This repetition was key in getting the recipient’s attention and ultimately paid dividends in the end!

The Results

6 listings and $14,400 in income!

6 listings and $14,400 in income!

Dickerson & Nieman received tons of appointments! They originally spent $3,784.30 on the campaign, meaning the Return on their Investment was 280%!!

Interested in doing a similar campaign for your business? Call us and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating campaigns for other real estate agents!

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