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The #1 Thing Growing Businesses Do

After 19 years of helping small business owners grow their businesses with direct mail, I decided to take a look at some of our most successful client campaigns…

Here are a few of their results:

  • One real estate investor generated a 3,421% Return On Investment (ROI).
  • A family dentist got 337 new patients, $402,095 — an ROI of 2,079%.
  • A landscaping company brought in $50,000, an ROI of 1,400%.

These crazy-high ROIs beg the question:

What, if anything, did these clients do which turned their postcard mailings into revenue-generating campaigns…

Ones that legitimately grew their businesses?

I dug into the archives of my Results Department’s results database — which consists of data from 78,589 clients — and I discovered there was, in fact, 1 thing my winning clients were doing…

I’m going to share it with you right now:

To get your marketing to generate leads and sales, you NEED to be consistent.

And you know what’s funny?

Teaching business owners the importance of consistency in their marketing is THE hardest thing to get them to understand —

Even though it’s PROVEN to generate leads, sales, and grow your business faster.

I dedicated an ENTIRE chapter to consistency and repetition in my book (which you can download here for FREE).

Here’s the truth:

Now more than EVER, the repetition of your marketing message is 100% critical to growing your business, otherwise you risk wasting money on campaigns that just don’t generate enough leads.

Here are 4 reasons why so you see what I mean…


1. Your prospects receive about 10,000 marketing messages PER DAY

Your prospects get inundated daily by marketing, seeing upwards of 10,000 messages per day.

This figure makes sense when you consider that people spend endless hours in front of these marketing channels:

  • Mobile phone apps
  • Social media
  • Computers
  • TVs
  • Billboards
  • Ads on buses
  • Ads essentially everywhere
big city with ads everywhere


So here’s WHY your marketing must be consistent and repetitive in its application:

ONE solo marketing campaign won’t likely cut through the daily noise (that we all experience), reach your prospect, and convince them to take action and call you.

woman plugging her ears to drown out marketing noise


You need to show your marketing multiple times to your prospects, on a consistent basis, with your postcard mailings spaced out over time…

Otherwise, your prospects just won’t remember you. How can they? They’re receiving so much information on a daily basis — and some of it comes from your competitors…

Plus, when it comes to making your marketing INCREASE sales (which is the point), look at this next one:


2. 80% of consumers respond to repetition and buy

Point blank:

Your marketing requires repetition in order to get prospects’ attention these days. (Remember #1!)

In fact, when it comes to sales —

The MAJORITY of sales are not made on the first (or even second) contact attempt.

Makes sense, right? How many sales have YOU closed on the very first try? Maybe a couple?

Some studies suggest as much as 80% of sales occur on minimally the fifth contact.

hands counting to five


Realize that your prospects are marketed to constantly every day, so ONLY repetition will execute your marketing’s 1st job:

To get peoples’ attention!  

When your prospects see your message over and over again, they’re more likely to remember you when they’re ready to buy what your business offers.

See what 3 of my marketing consultants — who’ve helped over 7,342 businesses — have to say about repetition:

Which brings me to this:


3. No one will remind your prospects to buy from you except YOU

Your marketing is THE primary way to constantly put your business’s name out there to remind people to buy from you.

woman pondering direct mail marketing


So the more that you remind your prospects that you exist and you have a product or service for them,

The more like they’ll be to BUY from you.

Essentially, more marketing done = more revenue for your business.

Here’s proof by way of a case study:

Great American Art, based in Massachusetts, contacted us to run a year-long campaign for them. They wanted to attract more qualified businesses who would want to purchase fine art decor for their buildings.

After 12 months of mailing, Great American Art’s revenue increased 50% compared to the year before.


The hit their highest sales EVER, thanks to their consistent marketing.

laptop screen with chart busting through


With more reaches into their company than they can handle with their current staff, Great American Art sought to hire more employees and expand their company into a larger operation.

Consistent marketing = expansion on every level!

I recommend watching the case study video with the CEO’s full story:


Plus, you can download this for more examples:

FREE report: REAL marketing campaigns + their proven results (with examples!)  

Now, last but not least…


4. 100% of consumers use more than 1 marketing channel

Yellow Pages alone just won’t cut it anymore.

Today consumers use more than 1 marketing channel to:

  • Research products and businesses
  • Find local recommendations
  • Read reviews and ratings
  • Get coupons and special deals

I mean — don’t you?

When you consider that 88% of the U.S. population uses the internet, and 79% of American adults login to Facebook, this becomes crystal clear:

You need to market both consistently and across multiple channels.

Since direct mail generates 500% more responses than any other method alone, according to the DMA 2015 Response Rate Report, here’s what I recommend:

You flank your postcard mailings with both Google and Facebook ads.

website open on computer


Here’s why:

Whether prospects receive your postcard or see any form of your marketing, 95% of them will go online and check out your website to make sure you’re a legitimate business.

FREE report: Checklist to make sure your website isn’t KILLING your sales right now

If you run Google ads — with a design that matches your postcard — then after a prospect clicks away from your website, they’ll see your Google ads show up all over the internet on the websites they already use!

You’ve probably seen this in action already…

Ever noticed after visiting a website, you then see that business’s ads on other websites, almost like they’re everywhere? Those are Google ads!

Since 70% of people login DAILY to Facebook, when you integrate Facebook ads into your marketing strategy, now you have:

  • Direct mail reaching people in their homes
  • Google ads blanketing the internet
  • And Facebook ads popping up in prospects’ newsfeeds.

This multi-channel marketing strategy not only puts your marketing EVERYWHERE, but you can run it consistently, aka:

More consistent marketing = more incoming prospects = more sales and revenue.

Everywhere Small Business with direct mail, mail tracking, call tracking, Facebook ads and Google ads


In fact, we created a program that specifically delivers direct mail marketing + Google AND Facebook ads, and it’s called Everywhere Small Business. You can watch the video about it here.

I hope this helps!

I built my business using postcards and marketing WAY more than anyone ever thought I should, so if you need any assistance deciding on the right marketing option for your business and budget, feel free to contact one of my marketing consultants at 800-628-1804, their advice and help is 100% FREE.



P.S. Our next LIVE Growth Summit event is coming up April 18-20th! Grab your ticket and reserve your seat now to learn in person the latest marketing strategies you can use to grow your business this year!

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