The Situation

Accounts Receivable Concepts assists medical offices with patient billing and was looking for more practices to work with. They came to us for help finding more clients.

The Solution

We set up Accounts Receivable Concepts with DirectMail2.0, an integrated marketing program that combines postcards, mail tracking, call tracking and online follow up ads for maximum results. They were able to see when their postcards were delivered and track the calls that came in. Then, visitors to their website saw their online advertisements on thousands of sites across the Google network.

It all started with a well-designed medical billing postcard. Here is why theirs was so successful:

  • A clear and bold headline and the supporting image instantly convey their service
  • Three testimonials build trust that other medical practices have been happy with their service
  • A great offer (2 free months of service) that expires in 30 days entices their prospects to call right away

Accounts Receivable Concepts purchased a mailing list of 1,288 medical businesses (physicians, surgeons, etc.) in nearby counties. They then mailed postcards to these prospects FIVE times.

The key to success with direct mail is repetition, because 80% of prospects will respond only after the 5th to 12th contact. Accounts Receivable Concepts understood this and the results speak for themselves!

The Results

Thanks to DirectMail2.0, the folks at Accounts Receivable Concepts were able to see how successful their campaign was! Their online advertisements were shown 67,418 times during the course of the campaign, resulting in 259 people clicking back to their website and 13 calls to their office. Each new caller represents a potential monthly income of $2,600 according to industry averages.

So what does that mean?

They could potentially generate $15,600 PER MONTH if they closed just 6 (HALF) of those calls a yearly revenue of $187,200!

CSID: 3807