The Situation

Hometown Insurance Agency is an insurance agency located in Broken Arrow, OK. Owner, Mike Ward, was looking for a way to bring in more clients, so he came to PostcardMania for marketing help.

The Solution

Hometown Insurance Agency’s postcard included the following features:

  • A big and bold headline that is easy to read and gets the message across quickly.
  • A personal photo of the owner, Mike Ward, to increase trust.
  • An offer of a free quote.

PostcardMania shipped 1,400 postcards out to Mike, and he mailed them out to his list of contacts.

The Results

The postcards brought in 8 responses and made $30,000 in revenue!

As a result, 8 people responded to the postcard, and Mike made $30,000 in profits. Since his investment was very small — $963 — this campaign’s ROI went through the roof! It was at 3,015%

Hometown Insurance Agency has been mailing postcards with PostcardMania since 2021, and they are looking forward to achieving even greater results in the future. They have continued mailing out postcards to generate leads and new clients.

Interested in doing a similar campaign for your business? Call us and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating campaigns for other insurance agencies.

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