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The Situation

Based in Ventura, CA, the consultants at Coachability help their clients become more effective business leaders with executive coaching. They called PostcardMania for help reaching prospects who might be interested in their services.

The Solution

Along with our marketing consultants, Coachability created a laser-focused, integrated postcard campaign that would generate the best possible results.

Heres why the postcard design was effective:

  • The bright colors make it stand out in the recipients mail
  • The bold text on the front of the card gets right to the point and tells prospects they offer business coaching
  • A sub headline and bullet points make the back of the card a quick and easy read
  • The website and email address are clearly displayed on the front and back, making it simple for interested prospects to learn more

The folks at Coachability sent their postcard one time to a list of 1,000 prospects in specific zip codes with an income of $250,000 or more. To increase their exposure, they used DirectMail2.0. That way, any leads who went to their website and left without converting would see their follow-up ads on other websites all across the Google Network, reminding them of their interest!

The Results

103 interested leads!

Thanks to their postcard campaign, Coachability had 160 visitors go to their website. And thanks to the tracking capabilities of DirectMail2.0, they could see that their follow-up ads were shown almost 150,000 times and 103 people clicked on those ads to go back to their site!

With a campaign cost of $433, the business consultants only need 5 people to purchase their $99 Rapid Leadership Assessment to more than recoup the cost of their campaign. And if only ONE of those 103 interested leads purchase their consulting services which start at $1,000 they will more than double their investment!

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