The Situation

Being the oldest active manufacturers of removable prosthetics in the country, Posca Brothers, wanted to get their products in more dental offices and land some big-time corporate accounts, They came to us to utilize our bulk mail campaigns integrated with digital marketing efforts to bring in more clients.

The Solution

Our marketing experts worked with them to develop a direct mail and digital campaign that targeted dental offices and corporations.

Their integrated campaign delivered results because:

  • On the frontside of the postcard, a bold headline coupled with coupon colors that pop really make this card easy on the eyes. A small row of their offered products embroider the top, and the bottom features easily-locatable contact information. They create immediate value by offering COVID-19 discounts on their products, which are repeated on the backside, along with a descriptive paragraph and bullet point list of their unique selling points.
  • Paid online advertising efforts on 2 of the most popular platforms (Google and Facebook) resulted in their practice being shown to a targeted specific group of people in the dental industry over 1 million times!
  • With Posca Brothers target audience having multiple exposure points to their business from both mailers and online ads, the influence of repetition is undeniable — they now have landed 20-30 accounts with an average lifetime value of $5000-$500,000 each!

The Results

20-30 new accounts making $15,000-30,000!

So far they have gotten about 20-30 new accounts and have made about $15-30,000! They make about $500 to $5000 per customer!

Are you interested in doing a similar bulk mail campaign for your business? Call us, and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating campaigns for other dental labs!

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