The Situation

Owner of TaxPro Financial Service, Kimberly Fowler, sells tax software, business coaching, and webinars to individuals who want to start their own independent tax companies. She wanted to grow her accounting business and bring in more clients, so she came to PostcardMania for marketing assistance.

The Solution

Kimberly provided a list of businesses in the local Morrow, GA area who might benefit from her services.

PostcardMania designed a postcard with the following features:

  • An updated picture of Kimberly, which adds a personal touch to the cards
  • Clear contact information that includes a web URL, phone number, and QR code that will bring the recipient directly to their website
  • A comprehensive list of products and services, letting the prospect know exactly what they offer

We mailed 2,000 6” x 8.5” postcards for three straight months and then followed up with Google ads. Every recipient that visited the website would see these digital ads to help remind them about TaxPro’s financial services.

The Results

She was able to convert 10 new clients, and each new client’s lifetime value is about $60,000!

Kimberly’s Google ads showed up 157,271 times, and people clicked on them 954 times. Additionally, people scanned the QR code on the back of the postcard 9 times, leading them straight to her website.

She got 10 new clients as a result! The lifetime value of each new client is about $60,000, so that means this one particular direct mail marketing campaign brought in roughly $600,000 in revenue!

Since she only spent $5,642 on these 6,000 postcards, her ROI amounted to 10,534%. Kimberly was so impressed with the results that she purchased another 6,000 postcards in February 2022. She can’t wait to see how much more her business will grow in the future — because of postcards!

Interested in doing a similar campaign for your business? Call us and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating campaigns for accounting/tax professionals.

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