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The Situation

With just 1 month left in the election and being a clear underdog John Carpenter was trying to gather as many votes as possible.  So, he called PosctardMania for help!

The Solution

With the help of our marketing experts, John Carpenter decided to use a direct mail campaign in combination with Postcardmania’s Everywhere Small Business. This would put his flyer in the mail of all registered voters in his area and display matching Google and Facebook ads to them.

Here’s why his ads and postcards were so effective:

  • A photo of the John, which creates a sense of familiarity and trust with the recipient.
  • A Design that immediately conveys family first with a picture of John and his wife.
  • A brief paragraph about John and his background which builds his credibility
  • Clear bullet points on where he stands on major issues including Education, the Criminal Justice Reform, and the environment

PostcardMania provided John with a mailing list of 3,611 registered voters in his area. His sent his political postcards to these prospects, in addition to the automatic Everywhere Small Business ads on Facebook and Google!

The Results

He won his election by just 17 votes and attributes it to the online ads!

John won the election! The internet ads were a huge key to his success in combination with his direct mail campaign! Between Facebook and Google over 59.000 people saw his ads and 126 people clicked through to his website!

Interested in doing a similar campaign for your business? Call us and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating campaigns like this one!

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