The Situation

Best Value Ceramics is a dental ceramist located in Wyoming, PA. With a desire to increase their clientele and boost revenue, they reached out to PostcardMania’s marketing services to help them achieve their goals.

The Solution

Best Value Ceramics collaborated with PostcardMania’s marketing experts to form a Everywhere Small Business campaign to target dentists in the North-West region of the US, which combined direct mail postcards with matching digital ads on Google, Facebook and Instagram.

The successful card design includes:

  • A headline that immediately communicates to recipients that despite the pandemic, they are open and ready for their business
  • Bulleted lists of their products, its features, and benefits that gives the recipient confidence that its a quality product that their patients will love
  • Clear pictures of some of their featured products that legitimizes the claims made in the bulleted lists

The Results

30 responses and $14,000 in income!

The campaign generated over 30 responses! 7 converted into customers, generating about $14,000 in income!

Are you interested in doing a similar bulk mail campaign for your business? Call us, and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating campaigns for other dental labs!