The Situation

Located in Dallas, Texas, Truck ECM repairs and sells refurbished electronic control modules or ECMs for short. ECMs are basically tiny little computers that control the trucks engine. So when it came time to find more clients, Truck ECM chose PostcardMania to assist them and DirectMail2.0 as their weapon of choice. DirectMail2.0 is an all inclusive marketing package that combines direct mail, mail tracking, follow-ups, and phone call tracking into one easy package that allows businesses to see just how well their campaign is working while generating the most leads possible with a built-in follow-up campaign.

The Solution

With PostcardMania as their guide and DirectMail2.0 as their marketing campaign, Truck ECM purchased a mailing list of 5,000 records that included trucking companies in Louisiana, New Mexico, New York, Oklahoma, and Texas. The postcards were mailed out in increments of 1,000. We hit the list twice for a total of 10,000 postcards. The design of the postcard itself was simple. The front of the postcard features Truck ECMs logo as well as a few images to remind the prospect of the services offered. On the reverse side of the postcard are two offers and a list of benefits which helps the prospect to see why they should choose this company over their competition.

The Results

Truck ECM received 38 phone calls and 233,485 online ad impressions which resulted in 241 click-backs to their website

When the mailing was all said and done, Truck ECM received 233,485 online ad impressions which resulted in 241 click-backs to their website and 38 unique phone calls. They also reported an increase in online sales so, it’s fair to say that this campaign was a complete success!

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