The Situation

3 Guys Moving located in Tampa, Florida wanted more new customers to use their stellar moving and storage services. In order to make it happen, they called PostcardMania for help!

The Solution

Our marketing experts helped 3 Guys Moving create an Everywhere Small Business Campaign. This combined a lead-generating postcard with automatic, online follow-up ads on Google, Facebook, and Instagram.

Here’s why their lead-generating postcard was a success:

  • 5 offers that entice the recipient to call
  • A 5-star review that adds value and trust
  • A picture of their actual moving trucks to establish brand recognition

3 Guys Moving and Storage also purchased a mailing list from PostcardMania. This ensured that their postcards were being delivered to qualified prospective clients. They mailed their moving and storage postcards to pre-movers with a home value of $200,000 or high.

The Results

$23,448 in initial revenue!

This moving company was able to track 39 unique calls to their call tracking phone number so far. In addition, this moving and storage company has also received over 1,200 clicks to their website and their online ads have been viewed over 300,000 times. As a result, they generated $23,448 in initial revenue directly from the mailing!

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